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New Partnership with Build Intellect Ltd.

Date: 26th of April 2023

ABT NEWS is excited to announce it is now partnering with the AI consulting and coaching company, Build Intellect Ltd.

Build Intellect Limited is helping us with the AI consulting services that we provide to organisations around the world who see the benefits of AI and the risks of not striking while the iron is hot, while the opportunities are arising and growing exponentially.

Company Founding

Date: 31st of March 2023

ABT NEWS was incorporated in the UK on 31st of March 2023 by Director Chigbo Uzokwelu. 


Create Wealth and Health for Businesses and Individuals

Date: 9th May 2023

Live talk about how AI can help in your business and your life, by Vincent Hall, CEO of Build Intellect Ltd.

AI is a powerful innovative disruptive distinctive technology
You may fear AI and try to protect against it
Or you can use it to your advantage for:
1. Business
2. Job Interviews
3. Healthy Living
4. Making Money
5. Creating Wealth
6. Adding Value

Talk recording here on our Facebook events page.

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