Get your own video chatbot like our Chiggi

Chiggi, ABT NEWS chatbot!

Your website is the face of your business to the world at large and having a chatbot that is specifically designed to engage with visitors to your website becomes the game changer for your business.

On this website, we have deployed a chatbot we called “Chiggi” to engage with visitors and offer support round the clock, even while we are asleep!

Beforewe deployed chiggi the traffic to our website was as minimal as the conversion rates but after chiggi was deployed, the site visits and conversion rates rose exponentially arising from the fact that our chatbot chiggi has made our more engaging.

There are two different types of chatbots you can deploy on your website:

One is the simple, rule-based or answer bot which can handle common and frequently asked questions.

The second kind - those cutting-edge AI-powered chatbots can offer conversational engagement, proactively reach out to visitors, guide them to a purchase decision, understand user intent, and offer precise resolutions.

Chiggi’s benefits to ABT NEWS website :

1. Increases Engagement Rates
50% of website visitors are likely to engage after receiving just one response via chat. It is rather time intensive and with huge effort required if our team is to manually respond to every visitor to our website with the risk of creating a bottleneck of unanswered conversations.
Our chatbot Chiggi removes this bottleneck entirely by auto-responding to those visitingwww.abtnews.netand engages with them to answer their questions and points them in the right direction of meeting their requirements

2. Reduces repetitive questions
The majority of queries that come on our website are mostly repetitive questions and we have now transferred the responsibility of answering these routine questions to chiggi.

3. Improves core messaging
Chatbots can gather vital data from interactions with website visitors, which comes handy in improving messaging strategy. For instance, chiggi collects information such as time spent, page navigations, conversation history, or other lead-scoring criteria to qualify a lead with zero manual effort.

4. Maximizes localized interactions
One of the vital intelligence we have gleaned from our website is that customers actually prefer being attended to and making purchases in their native language, indicating that global audiences will be more responsive when attended to by chatbots that can interact in multiple languages. We have therefore upgraded Chiggi to acquire multilingual capabilities

To deploy a chatbot what will enable you go big in business, send us a mail using and we shall gladly help you out!

You can decide the looks of your chatbot and you will also have the pleasure of naming it!