About us


ABT NEWS LTD is a global consultancy with 2 main branches:

Marketing and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Digital Marketing: 

We help businesses of all sizes to understand their potential and current clients better and what they need, how to provide better services, how to find clients and keep them happy.

In short, we do market research, affiliate marketing, CRM, Lead generation, cloud marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC and keeping track of your marketing assets and their performance.

To apply for a chance to work with us, use our Contact Us section, here.


ABT News has partnered with Build Intellect Ltd, to provide consulting in AI.

Executed well, AI can help you with marketing, collecting data from your customers, designing and promoting new products and services, reducing inefficiencies and automating tasks, and scheduling maintenance to reduce cost and increase safety.

To apply for a chance to work with us, use our Contact Us section, here.

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Who are we

Chigbo Uzokwelu

Chigbo is the founder and CEO of ABT NEWS LTD

He has a background in Marketing, Sales Business and Law,

and also has L.LB (Hons) from Unical, B.L.  He graduated with distinction

M.Sc from IT University of Copenhagen Denmark, majoring in E-business.

Chigbo is interested in Wealth Creation

Economic Empowerment and AI.

He speaks English, Danish and Igbo.


Dr Vincent Hall

Vincent is the Director of AI for ABT NEWS LTD

He is an AI Consultant with a background in Data Science and AI Science.

Vincent has a PhD in Machine Learning with Chemistry.

Vince creates news articles too.

He does some YouTube creation and website building too.

Vincent speaks English

and tries to speak German, Afrikaans, Spanish and French.


Our Mission

To help businesses serve their clients better and be profitable long into the future, 

Help educational institutions prepare their students for their next stages,

Help charities make the world more sustainable, livable and more collaborative.

Our Vision

To help organisations reach those who need them and serve them well.

Our Values

Obsession with providing the best services for our clients.

Stainable, long-term progression for our client organisations, their communities and world.

Collaborating with those around for mutual benefit.

Authenticity, we believe in building relationships based on trust and integrity.

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Tell us what issues you’re facing, what goals you want to reach and how you’d like us to help and we’ll be in touch with you to see what we can do.